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    Unique technology is based on the isolation of very pure native collagen in order to produce cell-free implants.


ChondroFiller Veterinary

ChondroFiller Veterinary

ChondroFiller is a novel acellular collagen implant for autoregenerative treatment of articular cartilage defects and lesions of ligaments and tendons. As our preclinical study showed, this unique collagen matrix offers op-timal conditions for the ingrowth of cartilage and stem cells. Autoregeneration is stimulated, assuring high quality regenerated hyaline-like cartilage within a short time frame.
The product line ChondroFiller enables treatment of defects caused by trauma or degeneration. This treatment is efficient and easy on the joints. Especially early treatment of smaller defects prevents serious secondary damages from forming. Compared with hyaluronic acid ChondroFiller does not reduce disorders for a short time but leads to regeneration of the affected tissue.